Sagene Tech Ventures is a pre-seed venture fund established in Oslo in 2016.
We invest in B2B SaaS companies based in Norway. The gang of 8 investors have founded several companies, scaled some, advised quite a lot of founders and learned from our failures. Scroll down the Akerselva river to find out what we are looking for.
Are we a match for your startup?
1. Are you based in Norway?
Sagene Tech Ventures collaborates with Innovation Norway regarding pre-seed funding. They match our investments with equity and/or loans. You have to be headquartered in Norway and be a Norwegian (Aksjeselskap - AS) limited company.
2. Are you good people?
No bullshit?
We have heard some pitches and seen (and made ;)) some decks and hockey stick graphs. We would rather listen to your plans over some beers than hear the standard pitch in a boring meeting room. Your motivation is as important as your product.
3. Have you got
something going?
We won´t finance your early product or idea development. Before you come to us you have to prove that someone really want your product or service. Please show us some paying customers.
4. Invest or not?
We won´t waste your time so we try to do the evaluation as fast as possible. Some rounds with questions and answers and then we vote :) Investinor will match our investment with equity and/or a loan.
5. Let´s help you grow
We use our experience and network to help you out. Sometimes we also join the board.
Kjetil Moløkken-Østvold
The people:
Åsmund Furuseth
Axel Gustavsen
Marius B. Steen
Jostein Magnussen
Hans Kristian Grani
Anette Kristin Bø Andreassen
Stig André Jacobsen
Kjetil Moløkken-Østvold